General Development Counsel:(Distance or Periodic Visit)

Fidelis provides wide-ranging development counsel and specifically targeted strategies for individual clients, strategies designed to best utilize the structure and culture currently operating within those organizations.  In addition, we explore and formulate new approaches in order to increase organizational exposure and access to funding opportunities, and do so within the specific time requirements of individual clients.

Board Development: (Workshop) 

Our team can board development that properly assesses and addresses current board skills, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  This service is often the least expensive yet most significant component of the future fundraising potential of an organization.  We believe that each board member must clearly understand his/her role and level of commitment to the mission of the organization in order for it to be successful.

Organizational Framing:  (Workshop) 

Fidelis facilitates this workshop with leadership which provides the tools to formulate a broad organizational overview that narrows to a detailed perspective.  The workshop elements include:

  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Statement Development
  3. Organizational Alignment
  4. Activities, Time frame, and Responsible Party Identification
  5. Routine Progress Reports

This process provides the necessary foundation for further Strategic Planning to take place, enabling the leadership to share a unified perspective of the organization, its tasks, and the means to accomplishing those tasks.


Strategic Planning: (Workshop)

Fidelis offers strategic planning counsel, providing the framework and facilitation to fine-tune your organization’s plans for accomplishing its mission, both short-term and long-term.  We believe that in order for an organization to merit significant financial support, prospective contributors must be confident that a specific plan is in place.  The plan must be supported by the involvement and commitment of the entire leadership and be clear, compelling, and easily articulated.

Planning Studies:  (3-4 Month Periodic Visit)

Planning studies provide the structure, plan, templates, and implementation methods to assess readiness for a major fundraising effort and/or other organizational strategies.  These studies provide your leadership with important information regarding a campaign and greatly enhance the potential for a successful outcome.

Capital Campaign Programs: (Periodic Visit or Resident Counsel) 

Fidelis’s capital campaign program provides the structure, plan, templates, and implementation strategies for an organized and efficient campaign effort.  If well planned and closely monitored, a capital campaign has the potential for success not only in providing needed funds, but also in maximizing constituency involvement and drawing your organization together.  An effective capital campaign will enhance your organization and improve its long-term funding capabilities.

Capital Campaign Follow-Up: (Distance and Periodic Visit)

The period following a completed capital campaign is critical to pledge retention, phased projects, and future campaigns.  Therefore, Fidelis prepares and helps to implement a two-year follow-up strategy that takes into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of a recently completed capital campaign.  Typically, the follow-up plan consists of quarterly goals and objects primarily designed to keep the constituency up-to-date, engaged, and enthusiastic during the pledge period.

Foundation Research, Preparation, and Distribution:  (Distance and Periodic Visit)

Fidelis will assist in researching and identifying foundations that have an interest in organizations with compatible missions.  We will prepare a template approach to your organization and the project/projects to be funded.  Fidelis will then assist with foundation selection, writing, customization, and distribution of proposals specific to each foundation.

General Writing Services: (Distance and Periodic Visit)

We have an excellent support team to assist in editing, writing, and creation of newsletters, solicitations, reports, marketing pieces, brochures, letters, and other elements of written communication tailored to your specific needs. We will also evaluate your current communication pieces and offer editorial suggestions and a communication strategy geared to your organizational needs.


Event Planning: (Distance or Periodic Visit) 

Fidelis brings years of expertise, creativity, and successful implementation to the event planning process.  We begin by identifying your organization’s goals and objectives, and then assist in choosing events that will reflect specific mission and purpose.  Fidelis also assists in identifying the target audience, as well as planning, staffing, and scheduling the event in order to achieve the most effective results.

Stewardship Programs:  (Distance or Periodic Visit)

Fidelis supports your organization by aiding your constituency group in better understanding true stewardship.  Volunteerism and philanthropy are popular concepts today and are encouraged in many workplaces.  Volunteers, however, seem to have less time and money to devote to non-profit organizations than ever before.  Fidelis will help create a strategy that reflects the culture of your organization and will explore the most appropriate ways to incorporate a better understanding of proper stewardship of time, talent, and treasure for all age groups.

Marketing/Communication Evaluation and Planning:  (Distance or Periodic Visit) 

Fidelis will assist in evaluating current marketing and communication materials, as well as assessing their effectiveness within your organization.  This assessment will be given from both a professional and constituency perspective.  To this end, we recommend the recruitment of a team from your organization to enhance ownership, maximize networks, reduce costs, and properly reflect the culture of your organization.  Fidelis will present strategies, set up timelines, and make recommendations to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Development Staff Recruitment and Training: (Distance or Periodic Visit)

The Fidelis Team has decades of business experience to help your organization’s leadership in defining a position profile, selection process, and prospect criteria for staff selection and training.  We will facilitate the selection process and prepare prospect recommendations.  Fidelis will also help with the orientation of the selected candidate(s) and provide transitional input for a designated period of time.

Distance Counsel is primarily over email and phone. 
Periodic Visit consists of occasional on-site visits determined within the contract.

Resident Counsel is regularly scheduled monthly on-site visits. 
Workshops are specifically designated and predetermined visits, often 1 to 3 times.