Each client is unique, our level and method of engagement meeting those needs is unique. Some projects require hands-on involvement, while other development efforts flourish with limited interaction and periodic counsel.  You will find our experience reflected in a wide variety of customized projects presented below.


American Red Cross of South Central Michigan
Counsel: Capital Campaign Counsel  
Projected Goal: $2 Mil.  Status:  $1Mil committed (Campaign on hold)
American Red Cross of South Central Michigan is located in Jackson, Michigan. ARC is endeavoring to raise funding to off set the cost of re-location and renovations. Fidelis is providing counsel through this capital campaign endeavor.

A Solitary Place
Counsel: General Counsel 

A Solitary Place is a pastoral retreat center planned for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fidelis has assisted in the preliminary creation, marketing, board development, grant creation and submission, and fundraising for this new organization.

Ada Bible Church
Counsel: Communication Strategy

The mission of Ada Bible Church is to lead people into a relationship with God and His church that transforms them to Christ-likeness. Fidelis partnered with Ada Bible Church to develop a communication plan for fund development.

Algoma Christian School
Counsel: General Counsel, Foundation Research, Prospect Review

Goal: Hire Director of Development  Status:  Accomplished
Algoma Christian School is a faith-based school seeking to hire a Director of Development to assist in accomplishing the annual financial needs of the school.

Blythefield Hills Baptist Church
Counsel: Capital Campaign
Goal: $7.5 Million, Raised : Goal Accomplished

Blythefield Hills Baptist Church is a growing evangelical church located in West Michigan for whom Fidelis directed a second-round capital campaign. A strong prayer and stewardship effort was incorporated with a variety of information initiatives to raise the $1.5 million needed to begin construction of additional Christian education space and a larger auditorium. Fidelis is currently implementing an ongoing stewardship and communication strategy.

Byron Center United Methodist Church
Counsel: Foundation Research, Proposal Preparation  
Goal: $3.2 Million
 Status:  Campaign Postponed
Byron Center United Methodist is a growing church body serving family, community, and the world together. They recently purchased land and are moving in the direction of a capital campaign. Fidelis is assisting them with foundation research, preparation, campaign feasibility and prospect review.


Christian Counseling Center
Counsel: Foundation Research, Proposal Preparation

Christian Counseling Center is located in West Michigan and exists to offer excellent care to children and families in our communities with the fewest resources, the greatest needs, and in our poorest neighborhoods. Fidelis undertook detailed research and created a proposal template for CCC.

Cradles of Grace
Counsel: General Counsel

Cradles of Grace is dedicated to caring for pregnant women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Fidelis is assisting with prospect identification.

Crossroads for Youth
Counsel: General Counsel

Crossroads for Youth is a residential care facility for at-risk youth in Southeast Michigan. Fidelis directed an Internal Assessment with recommendation, development training and counsel, fundraising strategy, event planning, grant research, grant preparation, and board development.

Crossroads Wesleyan Church
Counsel: Capital Campaign
Goal: $2.3 Mil   Status:  Goal Accomplished
Crossroads Wesleyan Church is a growing, emerging church serving families in the Rockford community. Crossroads is about connecting people to Jesus Christ, regardless of where they are on their journey. Fidelis assisted with a capital campaign effort.

Guest House
Counsel: Feasibility Study and Capital Campaign Counsel
Goal: $15 Mil: Status: 75% of Goal
Guest House, located in Southeast Michigan, is a residential care facility for nuns, priests, brothers, and deacons who struggle with substance abuse and alcoholism. Fidelis directed a feasibility study with recommendations, created and reviewed a case statement, and is in the implementation stage of a $15 million nation-wide capital campaign.

Hope Reformed Church
Counsel: Capital Campaign
  Projected Goal: $1.5 Mil  Status:  Goal Accomplished

Hope Reformed Church is located in South Haven, Michigan, and their mission is to be Christ’s servants, worshipping God, growing in faith, leading others to Him. As a growing church, Hope is expanding their facilities. Fidelis is currently conducting a capital endeavor.

Hudsonville Christian School
Counsel: Board Development Workshop, General Development Council

Hudsonville Christian School is endeavoring to raise the awareness of the school within the surrounding community through effective communication strategies and tools for future fund development support. HCS is also endeavoring to re-connect with past supporters through cultivation efforts. Fidelis is providing counsel and assisting with this process.

Lansing Christian School
Counsel: General Counsel and Event Counsel 

Project Goal:  2005 Golf Outing $48,000  Status:  Goal Accomplished
                         2006 Golf Outing $55,000  Status:  Goal Accomplished

Lansing Christian School is a parochial school in the mid-Michigan area offering pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education. Fidelis has facilitated their marketing efforts, including a school brochure, billboard displays, newspaper advertisements, direct mail pieces, school family recruitment materials, and a website evaluation. We have also implemented prospect review and planning, planned school information briefings and events, established giving strategies, worked with volunteer organizations, researched and prepared proposals, and led a review of the organization.

Counsel: General Counsel

Lifehelp is a faith-based organization that assists professional individuals in pursuing their spiritual journey based in scriptural insights. Fidelis assisted Lifehelp with board development and training, as well as grant research and preparation.

Lighthouse Community Development 

Counsel: Feasibility Study
 Status:  Study Accomplished

Lighthouse Community Development partners with neighbors in the Unity Park (Pontiac, MI) area and other caring citizens to develop sustainable, affordable housing for low to moderate income families and to empower residents through community revitalization. Fidelis assisted Lighthouse Community Development by leading a feasibility study.

Livingston Christian School
Counsel: Capital Campaign

Project Goal: $2 Mil.
 Status:  Goal Accomplished

Livingston Christian is a parochial school in Livingston County offering Pre- K through 11th grade. Fidelis is currently conducting a capital campaign for relocation and renovation.

Loving Shepherd International
Counsel: Master Planning Workshop

Loving Shepherd International is a not-for-profit Christian adoption service providing no-cost services to families. Fidelis assisted Loving Shepherd with an organizational framing workshop.

Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy
Counsel: General Counsel, Foundation Research, Prospect Review

Goal: $75,000
 Status:  Project Cancelled

North Hills Classical Academy
Counsel: General Counsel

North Hills Classical Academy is a faith-based, classical academy located in West Michigan that offers kindergarten through 12th grade education. NHCA seeks to produce life-long learners who embrace God’s truth, goodness and beauty by means of a classical education. Fidelis assisted NHCA with board training, fundraising strategy, proposal preparation, and recruitment planning.


Counsel: Communications Plan and Implementation

PastorCare is a faith-based national clergy support network that exists to help hurting pastors and their families. Fidelis assisted PastorCare with organizational framing and fundraising and continues to work producing selected communication tools.

Rockford Christian School 

Counsel: Event Plan and Facilitation 

Project Goal:  2004 Gold Outing $12,000  Status:  Accomplished;         2005 Golf Outing $16,000
   Status  Accomplished

Rockford Christian School is a parochial school located in West Michigan. The mission of Rockford Christian School is to help parents and staff partner to help each child understand the story of God’s love for them and His world, and to discover, develop, and use the gifts God has given them. Fidelis assisted Rockford Christian with a golf outing.

Sauther Foundation
Counsel: Foundation Research, Grant Preparation and Distribution.

The Sauther Foundation is a domestic violence organization focused on relocating women and children from Northern Michigan to areas of safety in other parts of the country. Fidelis aided in board counsel, as well as foundation research and preparation.

Simpson Park Youth Camp 

Counsel: Board Development Workshop

Simpson Park Youth Camp is a faith-based camp located in SE Michigan.

Spring Arbor University 

Counsel: Capital Campaign Strategy

Goal: $74 Mil.  Status:  Goal Accomplished

Spring Arbor University is among the fastest growing Christian universities in the nation. In addition to the traditional students on campus, the University serves working adults at 14 sites across Michigan, as well as providing on-line courses. Fidelis implemented capital campaign counsel and alumni review for the development department at Spring Arbor.

Stewardship Technologies
Counsel: Stewardship Materials

Stewardship Technologies is a for-profit organization that assists in providing churches technology that channels contributions to churches and organizations within denominational conferences. Fidelis provided Stewardship Technologies with stewardship resource materials.

The Other Way Ministries
Counsel: General Counsel

The Other Way Ministries is an innovative Christian community development organization serving the Westown neighborhood of Grand Rapids’ near west side. They are committed to meeting critical human needs through a variety of proactive programs and services for people of all ages. Fidelis Fund Development provided assessment, year-end appeal, board training, prospect review, ministry evaluation, and general development counsel for The Other Way.

The Story of the Dutch Resistance
Counsel: Project Campaign

Goal: $450,000 Status:  Goal Accomplished

The Reckoning is a project that will produce a broadcast-quality DVD documentary to preserve truth and give honor to a segment of war overlooked by history. This is the story of the unlikely soldiers of the Dutch Underground, later known as the Dutch Resistance – men and women who set aside their dreams, their very lives, to help the Jewish community find refuge from the murderous Nazi Advance. Fidelis Fund Development has helped the Dutch Resistance project with donor prospecting, marketing, and event coordination.